A deal so good,

it's our only one

Wifi is everywhere, so why are we paying for Data we never use!
We believe you should only pay for what you use, so now you can with Flexi Data

Flexi Data

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The best broadband

for your home

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We provide high performance communication services for your home or business.

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The best internet services

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Superfast Fibre Broadband

Don’t need our phone services? Scale it back with our broadband only option, pure and simple.

Home Phone

Stay connected with friends, featuring FREE* calls to other Giant customers.


A Deal So Good, Its Our Only One. New giant Flexi Data.

Giant Bundles

We’re offering handsome benefits to all early adopters of the giant brand.

Business Hub

Creating a fairer tariff for all UK Businesses. Keep crucial parts of your business running smoothly.

our Giant Leaps

Our Giant Plans

Our goals

September 2020 Telecom Infrastrucutre and Development
November 2020 Giant VoIP V1.0 Cloud Enterprise-grade VoIP platform deployed
November 2020 Giant VoIP Reseller Program release
February 2021 VoiceCloud iOS and Android App Released
February 2021 Giant VoIP V1.1 Released
March 2021 Research & Development into 3G/4G Infrastrucutre
April 2021 Giant VoIP V1.2 Released
April 2021 Giant X3U & X5U IP Desk Phones Released
May 2021 3G/4G Mobile Product and Flexi data system
May 2021 Giant Store Deployment
June 2021 One Giant Launch
August 2021 Giant VoIP V2.0 Released
August 2021 Broadband Background Infrastrucutre Deployment
September 2021 First Fibre Broadband Telephone exchange deployment
September 2021 Company Formation
September 2021 Celebrations
October 2021 5G Mobile Network Capability Upgrade
December 2021 App Release

"All work and no play..."

Superfast gaming broadband

Our superfast fibre network is capable of delivering a low ping, low latency gaming internet connection. Download, stream, excel in online matchmaking.

The 5G revolution is here

A Deal So Good,
Its Our Only One


Lockdown has taught us alot at Giant

Wifi is everywhere, so why are we paying for Data we never use!
We believe you should only pay for what you use, so now you can with Flexi Data


Sim only

with giant



Be in Control

Nobody wants an unexpected bill at the end of the month. 

Guardian is our bill spend management tool which puts YOU in control of your usage limits.

Lock your spends

Users can’t be billed above the set Bill Cap Limit, giving you peace of mind and helping you stay in control of your account spends.

Manage your Account

We collect customer data usage in real time and send alerts, via email or text message, when they are nearing their monthly limit.

Real Time Notification

“Guardian” works in real time to message the bill payer and mobile phone user when they reach 80%– then 100% – of their monthly spend cap.


faster than standard fibre.


fastest gigabit speeds available

Full Fibre is rolling out across the UK. If it’s available, you’ll see
Full Fibre packages in your deals.


*Free installtion offer only applicable to new

FTTP / Superfast/Lightningfast fibre activations.

Work. Stream. Game.

Whatever you do online, do it with our fast, reliable broadband.
With a range of packages, we’ve got brilliant broadband for everyone.

All our broadband packages include:
Fastest speeds

We’re proud to offer some of the fastest broadband speeds.

Strong, reliable wi-fi

Get a great connection with our selected broadband routers.

Unlimited broadband

No data caps or download limits,
you can do as much as you want.

Security as standard

Security is our top priority when establishing your broadband connection.

Fully featured

VoiceCloud App

Call from your business landline number on your mobile phone, better equip your engineers while they’re on the road – Get the most out of your VoIP telecom solution.

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