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Get the best enterprise VoIP phone solutions with the UK’s best enterprise PBX VoIP phone solution.

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Flexible VoIP phone solution for your business, as individual as you...

Every one of our VoIP telecom plans incorporate day in and day out access for you to alter, change and adjust your communication framework on the fly in the cloud. You can track calls, record calls, design how your new telephone system opperates based on the hour of day and more.

The perfect VoIP phone solution for your business
How it works

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improve your business

Shrink your call costs with our state-of-the-art VoIP service and feature rich switchboard in the cloud. No engineers, phone lines or tech know-how needed. Our VoIP service is always on, accessible from anywhere and can be customised exactly how you want.

Cloud Technology

Use our cloud dashboard to manage your users and devices with ease.

Free App

Make and recieve inbound and outbound calls with our free iOS & Android app!

Low Call Costs

Save money over using a traditional solution.

Easy Setup

Easily set-up, connect and auto-provision your agencies handsets.

Plans & Pricing

Smart plans, smart pricing

No extra fees, plenty of extra features

The perfect VoIP phone solution for your business

Enterprise Phone System

£5.99 per extension /mo

(5 Extension minimum) + Calls

Clear your doubts

Powerful features

A robust VoIP solution that has everything you need

Enterprise business phone line hardware, powering the most efficient UK businesses

HD Voice Audio

Crystal clear VoIP phone calls, perfect voice clarity. The modern way of making a phone call if you like and the quality is far superior to your regular analogue phone line.

Call recording

Protect your business or organisation or simply store recordings for training and quality purposes, Giants’ telephone network comes equipped with native phone call recording.

Virtual Landline - VoiceCloud the perfect solution to your mobile business

Time Conditions

Allowing complete control of routing calls to selected destinations based on the time and date. Holidays coming up? Divert your calls elsewhere until your back in the office, all year round.


your current number

To transfer your current telephone number to Giant Communications, please start the process by clicking the button below.

Sophisticated cloud features

Feature List

With over 70 intelligent features, Our Giant Platform helps you to create truly intelligent cloud telephone systems with ease. Below is a list of important features to modernise your telephone system in the cloud.

Centralised Voicemail mailbox services.

Conference bridge call facility & Call merging.

Music and/or information directory assistance.

Automated Call Queueing Facility – never miss a call – facilitate multiple system calls at any given time.

Allowing complete control of routing calls to selected destinations and time fragments.

Automatic email notifications, be notified about missed calls, voicemails, disconnected handsets and much more.

Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) Voice Recording.

Individualised Interactive Voice response system

Each of our VoIP telecom plans include 24/7 access for you to customize, change and adapt your telephony system on the fly in the cloud.

Video call your contacts through your new call system with supported hardware and applications.

Realtime call statistics dashboard, check total incoming calls, outbound calls, queue volume and other analytical information.

Discreet and effective live call monitoring incoming caller pre-identifications.

Anonymous call blocking and filter service.

Voicemail to Email/Message Configuration.

Telephone Ring Group Management – Have your phone system call multiple users & devices at once.

Fully cloud manageable call routing system that allows our users to route specific calls or numbers through intelligent call flows.

Call waiting is a smart function that allows the person talking on the phone to be notified if another call is incoming.

Built-in Anti-fraud measures.

Working out the office? Use our handy web phone interface.

Auto-provision your handsets with pre-programmed settings and easy VoIP system setup and synchronization.

Automatically calculate your callers estimated wait time and let them know how long they can expect to be in the call queue.

Tell your customers what position they’re currently in the queue, better still, they’re next!

Hotswapping desks / log into your extension from any phone!

Customised On-Hold Information Directory Assistance and Music On-Hold (M.O.H.) service.

Divert calls to any PSTN or VoIP SIP User.

Convert voicemail recordings to text and send via email automatically.

Synchronize your handsets with the same cloud phone book, share your contacts amongst the rest of the team.

Check the realtime status of all your extensions/agents and call queues.

Allow different users to pickup and takeover calls.

Link Extensions to your mobile so even when your out, your in

Transfer calls to a different user/agent ‘at random’.

Missed a call or received an email? 

Get an SMS to let you know

Link into your favourite CRM’s for caller ID and ticket tracking

Send and recieve online faxes.

Make Announcements or alert staff to incoming meetings

Make Announcements or alert staff to incoming meetings

Update and reboot remote devices direct in our panel

Encrypt audio transmission between SIP devices for increased security.

Connect multiple SIP devices to a single extension user.

Use virtual extensions to allow your staff members the ability to assign a phone to themselves when switching desks and at non-permanent locations.

Automatically alert building security and more 

Push calls to virtual phone parking spaces and allow for other members of staff to ‘pickup’ your calls.

Set up auto dialling lists and more

Listen to current calls happening on your phone system anonymously or ‘Whisper’ instructions to your staff.

Create announcements and automated messages with over 60+ programmed voices!


Frequently Asked Questions

Read our most frequently asked VoIP related questions.

If you are calling a regular analogue landline telephone the quality of your call quality will be slightly better than a regular analogue traditional telephone call, limited by only one side of the call being our business grade HD VoIP quality . If you are calling another VoIP phone you will get a much higher quality call in full business quality HD VoIP. In any event, the call quality will be superior to what you are used to in both cases. That’s exactly why we don’t tie our customers into a contract, we don’t need to – we know they will love the quality, product and service at a fraction of the cost of a regular analogue service.

Yes. The package allows us to host your numbers, lines and users as well as giving you access to your online dashboard and cloud communications centre.

There are 3 different base packages to fit all sizes and you can add extras to create your own bespoke service.

To make outbound calls you will need credit on your account or be signed up to one of our landline or mobile call packs. The only exception is when you are calling between users (i.e. just calling the extension number of another phone in the same network), which is free of charge.

Yes you can, you can have any music you like in the UK, providing you currently pay for and have a valid PPLPRS license. See here. Or click here to view their current tariffs here.

You can add extra credit to your account by logging into your Dashboard > My VoIP > Package > Top Up. Your current credit is displayed at the top right of any Dashboard page.

Simple transfers where your provider releases your number speedily will take between 8 – 20 days. Single lines transfer across at the lower end of this timescale & multi lines on the higher end. Please do make sure you upload your ID documents as quickly as possible & we will submit your transfer as fast as we can. You can also specify a future date if you’d prefer!

VoIP or “Voice over Internet Protocol” is a technology that uses the Internet to make telephone calls, instead of traditional analogue phone lines. That basically means if you have WiFi or a good quality 3/4G connection you can make and receive calls using data. Its a modern way of making a phone call if you like and the quality is far superior to your regular analogue phone line, although most people can’t tell the difference. A lot of people stereotype VoIP with consumer type VoIP services; there is no comparison. We operate our own carrier grade network that delivers calls to you, using business quality HD VoIP technology. The call quality is the best available from old and new technology.

Fully featured

VoiceCloud App

Call from your business landline number on your mobile phone, better equip your engineers while they’re on the road – Get the most out of your VoIP telecom solution.

Virtual Landline - VoiceCloud the perfect solution to your mobile business
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Calls to UK Landline
  Pence per minute (ex VAT) Pence per minute (inc VAT) In landline minutes package
Landline - 01, 02, 03; 4p 4.8p Yes
0800 & 0808 FREE FREE No
0843, 0844 & 0845 Click to check Click to check No
0870, 0871 & 0872 Click to check Click to check No
Directory Enquiries (118707) 120.8p per call plus 9p per minute access charge 145p per call plus 10.8p per minute access charge No
Calls to UK Mobile
  Pence per minute (ex VAT) Pence per minute (inc VAT) In mobile minutes package
Main Network 7p 8.40p Yes

Please note: UK mobile calls are charged based on the number range called, not the network the number is currently active on. For example, it would cost 7p per minute to call an O2 mobile number which has been ported to Lyca mobile.

Our Access Charge for Unbundled Tariff Numbers (08, 09, 118) is 9p per minute ex VAT (10.8p per minute inc VAT).

There is a minimum charge of 1p (ex VAT). Diverted calls are charged at the same rate as dialled calls.

When comparing our prices with others, please check their minimum price and minimum duration charges – it makes a very big difference to your final bill.

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