Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

What is Teams Direct Routing?

Using our platform as a back-end replacement for Microsoft Teams Phone System, Direct Routing enhances Microsoft’s default phone system by implementing Giants’ state-of-the-art PBX system(s).

Furthermore, youll be able to select from more cost-effective calling plans and a greater number of hardware devices.

Merging Giant with Teams

Retaining the

Microsoft Experience

Direct Routing lets you retain the familiar Microsoft Teams experience while upgrading the backend telephone system.

Youll retain Teams intuitive navigation, business instant messaging, and file sharing, and its tight integration with other Microsoft products such as, business instant messaging and file sharing and its tight integration with other Microsoft products and services, including Office apps, Outlook mail and Onedrive storage.

Supercharge your teams solution


Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Phone System has limited capabilities on the backend. Direct Routing allows you to integrate a more powerful third-party phone system with Teams.

Microsoft Phone System has drawn some criticism from businesses because of the lack of features (including automated call recording) and the unintuitive admin interface.

As long as our solution is used, Teams’ shortcomings are eliminated while keeping the experience intact.

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