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Take your virtual landline, on the go!

Fully featured Giant VoiceCloud mobile app (Application) allows you to use and manage your business virtual landline 24/7.

Virtual Landline - VoiceCloud the perfect solution to your mobile business
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Virtual Landline companion app

Built from the ground-up to deliver a flexible landline call solution, straight from your existing smartphone or tablet.

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VoiceCloud Virtual Landline app icon


Fully featured virtual landline app

Call from your business landline number on your mobile phone, better equip your engineers while they’re on the road – Get the most out of your VoIP telecom solution.

* Will be available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices.

Your problems, solved

More benefits for everyone.

Easy QR code setup

Rapid deployment has never been so easy with our app, send your users QR codes to scan for fast and automated app set up!

Programmable DND (Do not disturb)

Want your Giant app to only ring during certain times? Certain days? Certain weeks? Program the VoiceCloud app to behave how you want it.

Crystal clear

Crystal clear VoIP technology delivers an unmatched clear telephone line.

Call forwarding

If you're busy in an important meeting, you can use call forwarding to divert your virtual landline calls to wherever you'd like.

Office 365

Syncing your Office 365 cloud contacts is just the matter of a few taps within the app.

Built-in call recording

Need to record one of your conference calls? VoiceCloud can record your calls wioth a single tap.

3,4 & 5G ready

We've optimised our app to work on almost any mobile signal and WiFi so you can be confident that you aren't missing any incoming calls.

Flawless Push Notifications

Incoming calls notifcations are sent via push notifcation technology to ensure you recieve notication of any incoming call.

All of these features PLUS the 70+ features included within our Enterprise VoIP cloud platform!

Business landline Plans & Pricing

Smart Pricing For Smart Phone Lines

No extra fees, plenty of extra features, all powered by your broadband connection


£5.99 /mo

*applies per seat / per extension

Getting There

£12.99 /mo

*applies per seat / per extension

Business Hero

£18.99 /mo

*applies per seat / per extension

The perfect VoIP phone solution for your business

PayG Enterprise

£5.99 /mo

*applies per seat / per extension


Why Choose us


We’ve developed in our opinion one of the most reliable cloud telephone systems on the market.

Easy Configuration

We allow you 24/7 access to configure any aspect of our VoiceCloud platform to suit your business needs.


Every one of our customers is able to add/configure multiple devices for their account directly within our cloud panel at no extra charge.

Virtual Landline - VoiceCloud the perfect solution to your mobile business
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* price comparison based on average uk phone line 24 month contract.