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Entering 2022 with a bang! New Giant VoIP Features

We’re writing to let you know about the great new features that Giant have been working on!

We are pleased to announce that our direct Telephone number ordering system has now gone live for new customer orders and onboarding, this may also be useful for those clients that manage multi-tenant office space etc. With this feature you can sign up your new customer and select their required extension limit and choose from our bank of telephone numbers/DIDs.

As you may also know we also released our new Giant VoiceCloud app to assist our customers with external working scenarios, every extension is now able to take their virtual landline and extension with them, on the go and work from anywhere in the world! This app is now ready for those of you that would like to start using it, completely free with every extension, on the the Apple Appstore and Google Playstore. You can read more here

We have more exciting features planned for this year, this is just the first of many!

We will be continuing to add new and powerful self-service features that we aim to assist you in rapid-deployment of your services and placing control for communication services back into our clients hands, the way it should be.

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Giant communications logo, broadband and connectivity company based in the UK

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