Wholesale Communication

Building a Telecommunication business has never been easier.

Tow adult professionals, enjoying Giant Business broadband

More benefits for everyone.

Reseller API

Our powerful wholesale API will grant you the ability to build upon the many functions of the Giant toolkit.

Wholesale Telephony rate-deck

Our wholesale VoIP rate-deck ensures our partners have enough room to add their mark-up.

Whitelabel customer portals

Don't have time to develop your own customer-facing portal? You can re-style ours to save you time or to bridge the gap between then and now.

Broadband Availability Search

One of the challenges Giant faced in it's beginning was what 'every-other' BIG broadband company had.. a broadband availability checker!

WordPress Plugins

We're actively developing a new WordPress plugin to allow our wholesale customers to display a variety of useful shortcode widgets.

Reseller Portal

Having the right reseller portal is essential to help you become more successful.

Whitelabel VoIP Mobile Apps

Having a full-deployment of Whitelabel services is important to the public image, your company projects to customers.

Why you should

Choose us

We can build together

Giant are contributing and further investing in it’s own communication tools, as we progress, you progress too.

You're not alone

You’ll become a welcomed partner and part of our group of telecom providers.

Attractive rates

It is our mission to provide our resellers and partners with the best wholesale rates in the industry. Every penny we can save you, the better.


As we progress together, we can make formal introductions to some of the industries bigger players, if we think there’s a benefit to you, we will.

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