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All the best business communication plans available through Giant business hub. Get everything you need and truly unify your coimmunication through Giant.

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Best Business Communication Solutions

Creating a fairer tariff for UK Businesses

The best routers powering our home broadband deals

Business Broadband

Connect your business with superfast business fibre broadband.

from £24.99 /mo
Enterprise business phone line hardware, powering the most efficient UK businesses

Business Phone lines

Intelligent business telephone VoIP lines, accept more calls, automate your business call handling.

from £6.99 /mo
The best routers powering our home broadband deals

Biz Bundles

Get the most out of our communication solutions with our business bundles.

from £52.99 /mo

Enterprise Phone Systems

Our platform has been designed to work with small clients as well as large multinational, multi geographical customers. We link business and suppliers working from multiple locations, providing a reliable feature rich platform.
£5.99 per extension /mo

(Minimum of 5 Extensions) + Calls rates

VoiceCloud App

Built from the ground-up to deliver a flexible landline call solution, straight from your existing smartphone or tablet.

Call from your business landline number on your mobile phone, better equip your engineers while they’re on the road – Get the most out of your VoIP telecom solution.

Included with all phone packages

Powerful Guest Networks

Access Points and even Cloud managed pre-provisioned Access Points that are plug and play for quick and easy deployment. Be it home or business, there is a Ubiquiti solution for your WiFi problem.

from £4.99 /mo

Business Mobile Sims

Our SIM cards are designed for customers who need flexibility. With month to month contract options and the ability to cap data usage either globally or by individual SIM, cost savings can be realised by solely paying for the data that you use.

from 15.99 /mo

Dedicated Business Leased Lines

Exclusive to your business, leased lines are private and dedicated to you, guaranteeing a high level of service; smooth lines with no interruptions and vastly reduced latency and jitter.

from £249.99 /mo


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Lockdown has taught us alot at Giant Wifi is everywhere, so why are we
paying for Data we never use! We believe you should only pay for what you use,
so now you can with  Flexi Data

Giant flexi data sim only deals

Your new Giant Installation

We’ve made it as easy as possible to get your new services installed.


Service Availability & Ordering

Start by checking which service is available for your address. Once you have have checked which products are available for your address, you can continue to processing your order and booking in your service installation date.


Order Confirmation & Kit arrival

Once you’ve successfully processed your order, we will quickly get back to you with an arranged installation date for your new install. As your install date begins to get closer, we will then ship out the appropriate equipment for your new services.


Ding ding! You're up and running!

Once Openreach/our engineers have arrived and successfully installed your new services, you’ll be up and running in a jiffy!

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