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Business Data Sims

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Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our data only offerings 

If you have a unique business we can custom build you a package

All You Can Eat

12 Month Contract



Sim Only

IOT Device Sim Card

30 Days Contract



Be in Control

Nobody wants an unexpected bill at the end of the month. 

Guardian is our bill spend management tool which puts YOU in control of your usage limits.

Lock your spends

Users can’t be billed above the set Bill Cap Limit, giving you peace of mind and helping you stay in control of your account spends.

Manage your Account

We collect customer data usage in real time and send alerts, via email or text message, when they are nearing their monthly limit.

Real Time Notification

“Guardian” works in real time to message the bill payer and mobile phone user when they reach 80%– then 100% – of their monthly spend cap.

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