Telephone Number Porting


Follow these procedures to transfer your current telephone number to us

We’ve made it as easy as possible to transfer your current telephone/landline number to Giant communications, following these easy steps!


Submit your port request online

To begin the number (DID) porting process, you must fill and sign our porting request form below, a recent phone bill is required to verify your ownership of the number.


Number port request is checked for transfer

All submitted details are checked and the first port attempt is submitted. The request is firstly submitted as a single line request, failing this. A Multi-line port request is then submitted.


Telephone number successfully moved!

It should take upto 2 weeks to successfully complete this process. Your new equipment will have arrived by the time the VoIP lines are activated for your transferred number.

Step 1

Submit your port request

Please make sure you upload a recent copy of the telephone bill associated with the number you wish to transfer to us. Please ensure all information is checked thouroughly before submitting the request, you will have the opportunity to review your details on the last stage of this form.

Clear your doubts

Frequently Asked Questions

Frquently asked questions regarding phone number transfers andlandline port requests.

A telephone port request will usually take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete, however this can sometimes vary based on the volume of submissions recieved.

Yes. We will add the cost of your port request to your bill if not done already. Single-line port request will incur a £15.00 charge. A Multi-line port request will incur a £25.00 charge.

Yes you are, however, any telephone numbers must remain in our control for atleast 12 months before being eligable for transfering ‘out’ of our system. 

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